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Clef is a tough sonuvabitch to play. Feel free to let me know how much I'm failing or, god forbid, if I'm actually doing okay. Faceclaim is Jamie Bamber.

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"A. Clef's true face cannot be clearly photographed by any known means, but appears to have a sizable nose and a large grin resembling that of Felis cheshiricus, the only known specimen of which was captured by [DATA EXPUNGED] during Operation Liddell. It has one green eye, one blue eye, and one hazel eye, both (?) of which appear to have pupils which absorb all light falling upon it. The entity is known to be an inveterate liar regarding all things save SCP-related issues, and thus, should not be trusted by anyone."

  • Department Head of the Division of Training and Development
  • Almost supernaturally asexual; SCPs that effect sexuality have no effect on him. He's susceptible to normal seduction though (by which I mean it can take him off guard).
  • As stated above, he is stated to have three eyes. He also tends to wander about with unfurled cinnamon twists up his nose.
  • Clef insists that his real name is an A-major chord played on a ukulele, which he carries with him at all times. However, his signature looks like a hand-drawn alto clef, hence the nickname.
  • If he doesn't have a ukulele on his person, he most likely has a shotgun instead.
  • No matter what, any attempts to photograph Clef's face will fail, as his head will always be replaced with something else, usually an animal or something that reflects his mood when the photograph is taken (a spider when gun-hunting, a middle finger when annoyed, etc.).
  • Any persons or events that effect the shape of reality do not effect Clef in any way, shape, or form, save for SCP-239*.
  • Every account of his past that comes from his own mouth is different. This can be chalked up to the fact he lies about pretty much anything not relating to the SCP Foundation.
  • One of the most popular theories as to his history is that he's actually Satan. The fact he's hinted at this himself doesn't help matters much, even though you really shouldn't believe anything he says anyway.
  • *After Incident 239-B: Clef-Kondraki, Clef has officially been listed as a Euclid-class humanoid SCP. However, he does not have an official number designation or any containment procedures as of yet.
  • "[Clef] has a slimy personality that causes all females within ██ ██████ to instinctively recoil in horror, clutching their ███████ protectively." Basically, women are immediately disgusted by Clef.

There will probably be more added here eventually.
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